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New Public Legal Education Module: Developing Content

Nico Koenig

CLEO’s Centre for Research & Innovation is pleased to launch our newest “how to” public legal education and information (PLE) resource.

“Developing content” - Module 2 of our PLE Toolbox - provides tools and checklists to help you:

  • write clear information materials
  • design clear written information
  • present clear and effective online content
  • make sure your information is accurate and useful

The PLE Toolbox shares information and practical tips about good PLE practices with community and legal workers. Module 1 of the PLE Toolbox focuses on helping your clients find good legal information and legal help. Future modules will address topics such as using technology in PLE, conducting needs assessments and evaluations, and training community workers and leaders.
Check out our PLE Toolbox today in HTML or PDF

Full Module 2: "Development Content" Available here:

PLE Toolbox Website: